Ocean Creator I & II

The newest addition to our family of patented filtration products is the Ocean Creator II. The Ocean Creator II is designed to take the work out of the most important yet time consuming and difficult aspect of owning a saltwater or fresh water aquarium – “the water change”. An absolute necessity for maintaining a healthy ionic balance of the aquarium water. This is the most significant aquarium parameter affecting the health of fish, corals and all other marine life.

Mini Ocean Creator

The new era of control is here. In March of 2019 SeaVisions has submitted a patent request for a measurement apparatus for measuring specific gravity of a liquid, and a saltwater aquarium salinity control, and water change system.

Even the most established control systems on the market will only tell you they can monitor salinity right on the box, and not control. If you dare to use them to control your water changes or top offs you are going to be disappointed. This product removes the electronic conductivity controller out of the equation. There is nothing on the market now that can match this systems reliability and accuracy for aquarium and reef aquarium use.


Patented by Sea Visions, the DialySeas is the most advanced filtration system in the market.  Combining medical and engineering technologies, the Dialyseas uses artificial human kidneys for aquarium dialysis.

C.A.D.S. Self Cleaning Filters

SeaVisions patented C.A.D.S. filter will successfully remove newly introduced waste continuously and automatically without wasting water as the case with more inferior backwash systems.

model is clear for demonstration purposes

model is clear for demonstration purposes