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The distinctive feature of a SeaVisions Aquarium is its clean sophisticated architecture. The old frames are gone, now its just pure living art. Glass and silicone are history. This frees the designer of the constraints of hiding those old silicone joints that were an eye sore. Come and put your hands on one today, and see why we call them SeaVisions.     Clown fish and her Babies
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We always love to watch people walk into our showroom for the first time. We know they have been shopping around. Nobody makes a big purchase like this without doing their homework! Still, we know "the look" as they enter the showroom floor. They gaze around at the aquariums, and then back at each other. We can almost hear the words...


Exactly the reaction we were hoping for! Following this is the realization that SeaVisions has just what you have been looking for without your ever having to say a word. The surreal feeling of the sea straight from the ocean floor and now displayed before your very eyes.

We don't build anything ordinary. So how does SeaVisions set the benchmark?

It's not just the technology or the elegant design, which we're justifiably proud of. It's commitment. For more than twenty years, SeaVisions aquariums have been passionately crafted from the finest raw materials available. We never compromise the proven fundamentals that make our aquariums systems superior. Rather, we continuously strive to enhance our construction systems and techniques to ensure preeminent designs.

The perfect addition to your home or business that adds sustenance, rejuvenation, intimacy, and entertainment.. SeaVisions can help reflect your unique lifestyle with luxurious and extremely functional aquariums.

We are not after the "mass market" crowd. Our business is not built around volume. As a SeaVisions customer, you will become a member of a distinguished group. Depending on the complexity of the systems we are working on, we may build less than 50 custom systems a year. This we think is as it should be. If you want something standard, there are countless outlets to satisfy the desire for mediocrity. Although, if you want something unique? That's where SeaVisions stands out.

We manufacture every element that goes into each system right here in our facility. Our patented technologies, such as the DialySeas filtration system will make the ownership of one of these systems a joy rather than a burden. If you ever have a question, you only need to call one number, ours. If your system is not performing optimally, we will know long before you do. The majority of our aquariums are monitored by the DialySeas system. Information regarding the status of your aquarium can be remotely accessed from any location in the world. Often, without ever needing to enter your home, we can adjust nearly all of the parameters of your aquariums operation.

It is now possible to own a piece of the ocean without being a marine biologist or being forced to sacrifice what little time you have in order perform maintenance. The automation level of these systems will free you of burdensome chores, and make you appear to be an expert aquarist.

Visit our photo gallery for unique design stories portraying SeaVisions impeccable craftsmanship, attention to design,  advanced technology, exquisite styles, rich woods, glorious finishes, unique shapes and superior life support systems. Let SeaVisions translate your needs, tastes and sense of style into the functional home, or business environment you have always craved!



Aquarium Design & Engineering

 Design Proposal Request  (DPR)

              SEAVISIONS OF SOUTH FLORIDA, INC. (SVSF) receives hundreds of requests annually for proposals as regards to manufacture, installation, and maintenance of high end custom aquariums.  Because of the nature of SVSF’s custom designs, each proposal is both unique and specific to the particular application.  Each proposal requires an expenditure of between 2 and 8 hours depending on the specifics and substantial follow-up time with the prospective customer in detailing the proposal and the specifications being requested. 

            Effective April 1, 1999, a  proposal fee of $275.00 will be required for design proposals.  This fee is intended to off-set the costs of labor, design configuration, and specific customization needs of our clients.  This fee will be credited in full towards any aquarium purchase utilizing  this design proposal built by SeaVisions. The charge is payable upon submission of the proposal request. 

When submitting a DPR to SVSF, please be as specific as possible in both the material you desire used in conjunction with the aquarium as well as size, design requirements, plumbing and electrical access, lighting requirements and, if known, the nature of the fish species intended to occupy the aquarium.  By knowing your intentions and desires, we can assure customer satisfaction for the life of the aquarium and its supporting equipment.

            Attached is the specification sheet to be filled out in preparation for the SVSF proposal. 

If requesting CAD drawings for your architect or engineer,  please e-mail us with the name of the aquarium in our photo gallery or phone us for more information.


Aquarium Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

Step 1

I have a desire to own a SeaVisions custom aquarium and would like to proceed to the consultation stage. I understand that there

is no financial obligation at this stage.

Please describe the aquarium that you want SeaVisions to design for you.  If you found an aquarium in the photo gallery that is close to 

what you are looking for,  please give us the gallery number and indicate which picture.  Please take your time and give us pertinent information.

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Aquarium Request Form Part 2

If you should decide to purchase the aquarium this fee is credited to your account

Step 2

I have  completed the consultation stage with an authorized SeaVisions agent and I am ready to proceed with the Design Proposal fee of $275.00.

Design Proposal Request                     $275.00