These are not your everyday aquariums, and we do not build novelty aquariums.


   1200 Gallon With Integrated Working Fireplace,  8 feet water height.


 Below a 60" Water Column 22.5' Long 2000 Gallons



                                                                                           See A Video of this aquarium above

More Custom Aquariums




  round.jpg (36743 bytes)     Wave.jpg (101066 bytes)   Juptn.jpg (25146 bytes) 

            450 CYLINDER                                 429 Gallon Curved Front           600 Gallon Wave Front                     700 Gallon Curved Front Reef

 18footsm.jpg (15955 bytes)

Very Tall Cylinders                                     Very Tall Rectangles                          See This at SeaWorld (Video)  or   YouTube                                       Limitless Finishes



See a Video      


SeaVisions can make at our factory, cylinder aquariums up to 78" in diameter and up to 72" of water height yielding 1350 Gallons.

Or we can provide seamless cylinders up to 96" in diameter and 240" tall yielding 7420 Gallons.



   talhouse.jpg (92446 bytes)

1700 Gallon Double Bull Nose,  See Construction From Start To Installation


Established since 1981,  SeaVisions has made a lasting impression in aquarium art and is unquestionably the leader of technological advances in aquarium manufacturing, filtration, and remote monitoring.  Only the finest aquariums in the world bear the SeaVisions name.  Our impeccable reputation, coupled with our patented filtration product line, unmatched aquarium environments,  whether live reef or simulated reef, extensive knowledge and supply of exotic fish and corals is what has elevated SeaVisions to become the leader of high end custom aquarium manufacturing and distribution.  SeaVisions leads by example just look at our photo gallery,  countless successful aquarium system installations over the past 24 years.  No other company even comes close just look for your self.

SeaVisions aquariums are custom-designed to capture and reflect the personality and style of both the client, as well as the setting.  Following initial consultation, the design undergoes "System Finite Analysis" to insure precise structural requirements.  From CAD drawings, CNC machines allow the material to be cut to exact specification while walk-in ovens are used to bend and mold panels to any shape imaginable.  Exotic finishes are then applied for even the most scrupulous of clients.  Whether a live reef is desired or one our custom made life like replicas, SeaVisions offers unprecedented quality and workmanship.

SeaVisions holds 10 U.S. Patents assuring unparalleled innovation both above and below the surface.  Each SeaVisions aquarium is designed as a complete turnkey system providing the lowest maintenance requirements of any other aquarium system in the industry.

Make sure your investment in aquarium art is in a system designed by the "innovator" in the industry - SeaVisions.


SeaVisions does not make cookie cuter, or novelty aquariums, and we do not normally sell the aquarium tank only. However if the aquarium tank is of unusual size or shape please send us a drawing and we will quote.



Aquarium Design & Engineering

 Design Proposal Request  (DPR)

              SEAVISIONS OF SOUTH FLORIDA, INC. (SVSF) receives hundreds of requests annually for proposals as regards to manufacture, installation, and maintenance of high end custom aquariums.  Because of the nature of SeaVisions of South Florida's custom designs, each proposal is both unique and specific to the particular application.  Each proposal requires an expenditure of between 2 and 8 hours depending on the specifics and substantial follow-up time with the prospective customer in detailing the proposal and the specifications being requested. 

            Effective April 1, 1999, a  proposal fee of $275.00 will be required for design proposals.  This fee is intended to off-set the costs of labor, design configuration, and specific customization needs of our clients.  This fee will be credited in full towards any aquarium purchase utilizing  this design proposal built by SeaVisions. The charge is payable upon submission of the proposal request. 

When submitting a DPR to SVSF, please be as specific as possible in both the material you desire used in conjunction with the aquarium as well as size, design requirements, plumbing and electrical access, lighting requirements and, if known, the nature of the fish species intended to occupy the aquarium.  By knowing your intentions and desires, we can assure customer satisfaction for the life of the aquarium and its supporting equipment.

            Attached is the specification sheet to be filled out in preparation for the SVSF proposal. 

If requesting CAD drawings for your architect or engineer,  please e-mail us with the name of the aquarium in our photo gallery or phone us for more information.


Aquarium Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

Step 1

I have a desire to own a SeaVisions custom aquarium and would like to proceed to the consultation stage. I understand that there

is no financial obligation at this stage.

Please describe the aquarium that you want SeaVisions to design for you.  If you found an aquarium in the photo gallery that is close to 

what you are looking for,  please give us the gallery number and indicate which picture.  Please take your time and give us pertinent information.

Have a salesperson contact me

My contact information is as follows







Aquarium Request Form Part 2

If you should decide to purchase the aquarium this fee is credited to your account

Step 2

I have  completed the consultation stage with an authorized SeaVisions agent and I am ready to proceed with the Design Proposal fee of $275.00.

Design Proposal Request                     $275.00




   Custom Aquarium Brochure

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