DialySeas - For the Novice 

This explanation of how the DialySeas works is written for the non-aquarium aficionado, the first-time aquarium owner, or novice.

An aquarium with fish or coral must be fed, the end result is waste.  Eventually this waste pollutes your aquarium to the point it needs a water change. Either you are going to do it, you hire someone to do it, or you can purchase a DialySeas machine that can do it better and less expensive than the two ways just mentioned. (All aquariums need water changes)

How does it work in basic terms.

The DialySeas has two independent filtration systems:  one for your house water supply and one for your aquarium. The filtration system that cleans and dechlorinates (removes chlorine) from your house water is called a Reverse Osmosis with a Deionized Filter. This system makes really clean water. Now for the aquarium water, (this is where DialySeas comes in) picture your kidneys. Your blood is being pumped thru your kidneys, their job is to concentrate and separate the bad stuff from your blood and then you get rid of it. You drink, you get rid of it. So when you drink water you are flushing your kidneys, ah Water Change! 

Now the DialySeas device is designed to simultaneously filter your house water at the same time that a pump is taking water out of your aquarium and passing the aquarium water through the artificial kidneys.  The cleaned water is flushing the waste out of the aquarium water and down the drain. The good news is that most of the original water goes back to your aquarium without the waste. Just as your blood is not going down the drain but back to your body without the waste.

So did we do a water change? Not really we did better, we effectively removed the waste from your aquarium water with out changing the water. Just as your kidneys purified your blood without your body having to make new blood. Now if you wondering whether or not  this system works think of how many people who are on dialysis that are living normal lives.  These people are cleansing their blood with the same dialysis membranes that come with your DialySeas machine.


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