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This section identifies the IP address and/or domain name and their relative activity level on the site. If you do not use WebTrends cookies to track sessions on the site, WebTrends cannot differentiate between hits from different visitors of a same IP.

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Visitor Visits %  
  1. 1 11.11%  
  2. 1 11.11%  
  3. 1 11.11%  
  4. 1 11.11%  
  5. 1 11.11%  
  6. 1 11.11%  
  7. 1 11.11%  
  8. 1 11.11%  
  9. 1 11.11%  
    Total 9 100%  

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 This section identifies IP addresses and/or domain names of visitors and their relative activity level. If you use WebTrends cookies to track sessions on the site, WebTrends can differentiate hits from visitors with the same IP address.
Tip: Consider the Visitor Address Filter to include or exclude activity based on visitor IP or domain.

 Consider the visitors who use the site most, and tailor your site to their interests and needs. If this is an intranet, notice which employees use the site the most and find out what they like about it. You might also get feedback from those who use it the least and find out what they are looking for.

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