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This section identifies the most popular Web site pages, how often they were viewed, and average length of time a visitor views each page.

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Pages Visits % Avg Time Viewed  
  1. http://SEAVISIONS.COM/ 111 25.93% 00:00:50  
  2. http://SEAVISIONS.COM/photo+gallery+15.htm 20 4.67% 00:00:52  
  3. http://SEAVISIONS.COM/2008PHOTO.htm 19 4.43% 00:02:25  
  4. http://SEAVISIONS.COM/prod01.htm 13 3.03% 00:02:49  
  5. http://SEAVISIONS.COM/products.htm 12 2.8% 00:01:55  
    Subtotal 175 40.88% 00:01:21  
    Total 428 100% 00:01:39  

Top Pages by Visits Over Time - Help Card Start of Chapter

 This section identifies the most popular pages on the site over a period of time. The number of views includes only the successful hits for the page itself: it does not include any hits for supporting graphics, audio or video files, or forms. The percentage of total views is the percentage of hits for that page compared to all other page views.
Tip: The types of files included in this table can be configured using the File Types tab in the Options dialog box.

 Most likely these pages are requested the most because of their content and design. Based on the theory that the most requested pages have effectively attracted visitors, you can use similar elements and approaches to improve the less popular pages. Consider the average view times to determine which content holds visitor's attention.

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