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 This System Reduces

Aquarium Maintenance By Up To 75 Percent and will change the industry.

      This system  makes and adds R.O.D.I saltwater to your aquarium in addition to Automatic Water Changes. The system can be used for salt or freshwater aquariums.

                                          The Standard System Handles Aquariums up to 2000 gallons, Larger Systems Are Available                  

Patent Issued September 11, 2018


 Ocean Creator II

A Professional Water Changing System


The newest addition to our family of patented filtration products for 2016, is the Ocean Creator II. The purpose of designing the Ocean Creator II was to take the work out of the most important aspect of owning a saltwater aquarium or fresh water aquarium that needs pristine water conditions. “The water change”. An absolute necessity for maintaining a healthy ionic balance of the aquarium water. This is the most significant aquarium parameter affecting the health of fish, corals and all other marine life.

As of 2016, the DialySeas U.S. Patent # 5,433,843 has been in service 21 years (SeaVisions' flagship water change device). The DialySeas 2015 is still part of our very high end custom aquarium installations and is simpler to use today than any other previous model. Created over two decades ago it was, and still is way ahead of any other type of filtration system used today. The DialySeas however, is designed to be implemented in close proximity to the aquarium in which needs an automated water change device. The Ocean Creator II however similar in the end results, does not require the Dializer, “the human artificial kidney” to correct the ionic imbalance of the aquarium water. The DialySeas operates on three physical principals. Diffusion, osmosis and hydrostatic pressure. Therefore the proximity of the unit to the aquarium is essential. The advantage of this type of system is the conservation of the aquarium salt. The DialySeas effectively changes water while preserving roughly 60% of the original salt. Therefore less salt wasted and less new salt necessary to make up new saltwater. 

SeaVisions has witnessed a continued growth in the aquarium industry especially in the high end aquariums. This is the area we stay focused as we want to provide products that are unique, effective and the best in the industry. We have answered hundreds of emails over the years of potential customers looking for relief of the dreaded water change. Many of those customers were a candidate for the DialySeas as they had the room under the aquarium or could mount the unit in close proximity to the aquarium. Alternatively, the Ocean Creator II is a one gallon of saltwater removed, for one gallon of saltwater made, water change device that was created to fill the gap and to provide a solution for almost every situation.

It does not have the limitations of close proximity as the DialySeas since it does not rely on diffusion, osmosis and hydrostatic pressure. The OCII does not reuse the aquarium water as the DialySeas does during the dialysis process. The OC II directly removes the saltwater from the aquarium and replaces it with 100% new water at the predetermined salinity that the user selects.

SeaVisions offers the Ocean Creator II

 In designing the OC II we took advantage of our knowledge gained in over 20 years perfecting the DialySeas salt water making process. We also took advantage of the knowledge gained in aquarium husbandry from creating better water conditions. SeaVisions promises to provide the same quality, reliability and commitment to the OC as we have in all of the products produced over the past two decades.

Measuring in at 34” long 24” high and 10” front to back. The OCII is designed to be an attractive appliance in the modern home of a saltwater aquarium owner. Since the unit has precise salinity control it can also be used for freshwater Discus.  The addition of an OCII to any saltwater aquarium will bring that aquarium up to today's standards in aquarium technology and water change automation. The addition of the OCII will significantly reduce the load on the existing aquarium life support system. And in most instances reduce the necessary life support foot print requirement. The unit can and is designed to be remotely located above, below or many feet away from where the actual aquarium resides. A typical installation would be that the OCII is mounted on the wall of the garage or laundry room and the water lines are run to and from the remote aquarium. The connections to the aquarium are made by color coded ” tubing and a single line similar to a thermostat line for your air-conditioner for sump water level control. These lines can be run through the attic, a crawl space or a conduit to the aquarium site. The unit also connects to the house water supply and a drain. Alternately the unit can remove superior water from one aquarium and transfer it to another remote aquarium.


The OCII is controlled by two proven commercial grade conductivity controllers, using high quality conductivity probes. An analog timer with no programming necessary. Four long lasting dc motor peristaltic self-priming pumps, with quick change heads. Solid state relays and magnetic float switches. The set points and calibration are simple screw turns and require no computer menus to go through. The OCII can change 200 gallons of water from its’ built in salt concentrate reservoir before it needs to be refilled. It can be refilled at any point in between. The OCII makes DI water automatically and blends the exact amount of salt to the DI water to make your desired saltwater level.  The OCII will also automatically determine if the aquarium should be replenished by saltwater or DI water based on the salt level you want maintained in the aquarium. The OCII does not need any other cumbersome vats or storage tanks to store saltwater or DI water. The OCII is self-sufficient and designed to be a single device to accomplish aquarium water change. You can use any salt brand you like to fill the salt reservoir. There are clear markings on the reservoir windows to show DI water, Di Saltwater and Salt remaining levels. The OCII automatically tops off its’ DI and Di Saltwater chambers simultaneously during water exchange.


Some of the specifications of the OCII.


House water pressure necessary for proper operation is greater than 55 and less than 90 PSI.

The System Removes both Chlorine and Chloramines

The unit will produce 100 gallons of RODI water per 24 Hours.

The unit changes water at the rate of 1.56 GPH.

Maintain salinity level from 0 to 99ms. (SG from 0 to over 1.035 or PPT to 46.5)

The minimum water change increment is 0 GPD

The maximum water change increment is 35 GPD

The increments for water change amounts are 15 minutes or .39 gallons.

There are 96 possible increments that can be spread over the 24 hours.

The recommended maximum water change amount is <30 GPD

The units’ maximum powdered salt reservoir storage is 200 Gallons

110 Volts 60 HZ. Less than 2 amps when in water change mode.

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  The OCII virtually eliminates the need for water maintenance on your aquarium. Not only will this system remove waste products from your water; it will also maintain proper levels of trace elements ensuring water quality conditions as close to perfect as possible. These machines are the very best investment you can buy for your aquarium,

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Professional System  3999.00    3-2016



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