Special Water Cooled Chillers

Tower Chillers  Air and Water Cooled                

Water Cooled Condenser, No hot air in your room. All the heat goes down the drain. Keep your house cool, air cooled models take the heat out of your aquarium and put it in your house.

Then of course your air conditioner needs to cool the air again, with the high cost of electricity water cooled is the way to go.

Water cooled chillers are much quieter and do not need any maintenance, like cleaning the dust and lint out of the cooling fins. Water cooled chillers do not need to be vented.


Current USA Prime Tower Chiller, 1/3hp With SeaVisions Upgraded Water Cooled Modification.


  • Titanium Heat Exchanger—Corrosion resistant titanium backed by a lifetime warranty offers the peace of mind. The custom molded evaporator body is completely insulated and is configured to provide maximum exposure to the titanium coil, simplicity at its best.
  • One size fits all—The slender shape and small footprint (8" x 16") fits under almost any aquarium stand* and preserves precious space. Please note proper ventilation is REQUIRED for in-stand installations.
  • Cooler by design—Squeezed under the housing is a high BTU compressor and fan that efficiently chillers water while keeping silence a virtue.
  • Water cooled units converted by SeaVisions have no fan and exhaust no heat in your room or under the aquarium.
  • Stylish Housing—Black aluminum housing blends well into any decor. Recessed handles for easy moving and lifting. Built-in Ice Blue LED light turns on when chiller is in cooling mode.
  • Integrated Thermostat—Simple keypad programmable display with constant temperature readout accurate to +/- 1F.
What’s Included:
Each Prime Tower Chiller includes an integrated single-stage digital temperature controller, 1/2" & 1" inlet/outlet fittings, 6 ft. power cable and complete instructions.

Prime Tower Chiller Sizing Guide:
Temperature Difference From Ambient
  Degree Pull-Down
  10F 20F 30F 40F
1/4 hp 260gal 130gal 90gal 70gal
1/3 hp 360gal 181gal 130gal 100gal

Note: Accessories such as metal halide lighting, submersible pumps, etc… can add a great deal of heat not considered in the above chart. Ambient room temperature will also affect the effectiveness of the chiller. Decrease volume by 25%–40% to determine the horsepower needed to chill that amount of water.























Until further notice, please call for availability.  

MODEL                              HP                                  COST          

.25TITANIUM-A                   1/4HP Air Cooled                   

.25TITANIUM-W                  1/4HP Water Cooled             

.33TITANIUM-A                   1/3HP Air Cooled                   

.33TITANIUM-W                  1/3HP Water Cooled           

For larger models please call:

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