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Sunday, October 31, 1999

Advertising Feature Miami Herald

SeaVisions Of South Florida

        Conveniently located in the Weston area, SeaVisions is the premiere designer of innovative aquariums and aquarium products.

Utilizing leading edge technology in their engineering and manufacturing processes, they have consistently provided the most uniquely designed aquariums to enhance the decor of residences and commercial locations of their clients across the globe.

        Enhancing nature's glory of vivid colors and movement, SeaVisions understands that the environment for the aquarium's inhabitants is as important as the design is to the decor.  And their patented DialySeas product is heralded as "revolutionary technology" that ensures the environment conditions of the aquarium are optimally maintained with minimal maintenance or intervention.

        If you are interested in escaping the fast pace and high pressure of today's society, and interested in providing a relaxing atmosphere, SeaVisions is your prescription.  Creating incomparable designs that are free-standing, built-in, or surrounded in exquisite cabinetry, they can create a unique aquarium for your decor.  And with their intelligent products such as DialySeas not available elsewhere in the industry, SeaVisions can maximize your enjoyment. Contact SeaVisions Located at 15951 South West 41st. Street, Suite 600, just south of Arvida Parkway on Weston Road, (954) 385-2899. Website WWW.