The Original and The First Containment System For Opening Mail

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SeaVisions has been making water and air tight enclosures for 21 years.  So This  device was a natural for us. 

BioSafe Mail 1 The Original16" X 16" X 16" Mail Opening Containment Box


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Professional Size 

BioSafe Mail 2 Bigger, Better, Seamless Construction, More Ergonomic 24" X 17" X 20"


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We at SeaVisions, the manufacturers of BioSafe Mail, are American citizens  who were  horrified by the events of September 11, 2001, and those on-going events affecting our lives on a daily basis.  Of an immediate and particular concern to us all, is the on-going devastation that the spread of biological and chemical pathogens are having on people and the permanent destructive effect that terrorism is having on our work places.  Many  tenants and real estate owners may face financial difficulties dealing with the issue of contaminated mail. Moreover, the psychological effects on the American public are even more crippling and devastating.  Currently, our government is faced with the lofty challenge of both trying to eradicate the problem and avoiding mass hysteria.  Unfortunately,  the greater the effort to eliminate the problem, the more unnecessarily alarmed people become.   We at SeaVisions believe that our government is doing an excellent job and share the desire of all Americans to return to  normalcy in our daily lives.  As of  this time October 18, 2001, only one man has lost his life to anthrax since 9-11-01 and all other cases  are being treated successfully. Their is a minimal chance that anyone should be affected by these random acts.  Consequently, we have developed BioSafe Mail to address an immediate need among those who may be targets or likely recipients of contaminated mail and do not believe the general public should be in fear.

If you are a high profile individual, or a business owner  that needs to give their employees some peace of mind then consider the BioSafe Mail Containment Box.

The day after BioSafe Mail 

was aired on TV copycat imitations started to pop up, accept no substitute SeaVisions has developed the first unit and have brought this unit to market weeks before any other company even thought of it, and our US patent application date will prove this. Please do not risk your life with an imitation product, from companies that just formed recently for get rich quick ideas from this tragedy. Please check the news coverage links above and the dates they were aired that will show not only was BioSafeMail an idea not yet thought of anywhere but a product we already had on the market. 



BIOSAFE2 23" X 17" X 20" Mail Containment Box $549.00         Not Available

BIOSAFE2 REPLACEMENT GLOVES    BSMIIR6    $15.00           In Stock


Instructions for use: Biosafe Mail Click Here

More sizes and information will appear on this site daily.

Custom sizes available

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Important Anthrax Information:

Cutaneous anthrax is the most common naturally occurring, type of infection (>95%) and usually occurs after skin contact with contaminated meat, wool, hides, or leather from infected animals. The incubation period ranges from 1-12 days. The skin infection begins as a small papule, progresses to a vesicle in 1-2 days followed by a necrotic ulcer. The lesion is usually painless, but patients also may have fever, malaise, headache, and regional lymphadenopathy. Most (about 95%) anthrax infections occur when the bacterium enters a cut or abrasion on the skin. Skin infection begins as a raised bump that resembles a spider bite, but (within 1-2 days) it develops into a vesicle and then a painless ulcer, usually 1-3 cm in diameter, with a characteristic black necrotic (dying) area in the center. Lymph glands in the adjacent area may swell. About 20% of untreated cases of cutaneous anthrax will result in death. Deaths are rare if patients are given appropriate antimicrobial therapy.

Inhalational anthrax is the most lethal form of anthrax and results from inhaling 8,000-40,000 spores of the bacteria. The incubation period of inhalational anthrax among humans is unclear, but it is reported to range from 1 to 7 days, possibly ranging up to 60 days. Initial symptoms may resemble those of a common cold, such as sore throat, mild fever, muscle aches, and malaise. After several days, the symptoms may progress to severe breathing problems and shock, with meningitis frequently developing. Inhalation anthrax is often fatal.

Link To

CDC Health Advisory

CDC Interim* Recommendations for Protecting Workers from Exposure to Bacillus anthracis in Work Sites Where Mail Is Handled or Processed
(*Updated from CDC Health Advisory 45 issued 10/24/01)


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