Transfer Pump 1

This line is connected to a suitable drain such as a sink drain. It is important that this line be kept lower than the dializer. This is a forced drain output from the dializer but for proper efficiency it is best to keep this line low. If you have multiple aquariums with a very heavy bioload, you can run the waste line into these aquariums as long as you can adjust salinity and overflow conditions on these tanks separately. The waste of the DialySeas will still be fairly decent water; however, you must fully understand the system before attempting this modification. At the very least, the water will have a low salinity.  If you have a chain of tanks connect the DialySeas to the tank where you want to see the highest quality of water.  This modification can be useful if you are interested in saving on labor and salt for more than one aquarium. If the user does not have a suitable waste line nearby, a transfer pump may be used such as a condensate removal pump commonly used in air-conditioning systems to route the waste to the suitable drain.